5 Things every Takeaway Must do

  1. Customers – Take that extra moment to show genuine interest in your customers, they will reward you by returning & letting others know how good you are. Make everyone a brand ambassador.
  2. Menu’s – How long ago did you update your menu? Is it too long? Do you make it easy for decisions to be made, i.e. Options for families with 2 adults, 2 kids or 3 kids, couples etc. Making decisions easier can also lead to greater spends.
  3. Provide content for providers such as Dine-In, make sure it’s unique and they will add to their newsletters that are distributed to thousands of people. It could talk about a new dish, promotion, outline a recent event with photos. This provides customers with ideas and a thought of “yes I must try that dish” or restaurant.
  4. Update your website – Add new content by adding a blog. No good at creating a blog? ask your family or friends to help. You can review and update and simply post. This helps keep your website fresh and works wonders with people searching google with your website coming up on the front page. Need help with your website, contact us at team@dinein.co.nz
  5. Online Ordering on your google my business, website, and Facebook. We provide your very own branded online ordering experience. If you don’t have this today you really need to get in touch now via team@dinein.co.nz 

One last tip is to ensure you update your details on Dine In as we promote your business in a variety of ways through websites, social media and via other means.

Looking for work At Dine In?

Its an exciting time at Dine In as we worked hard at developing software and online marketing solutions on a client by client basis, culminating in a sophisticated online ordering experience that provides business owners with a wealth of options to help in customising their marketing approach.

We have also worked hard on building up a community of hungry New Zealander’s by providing a greater number of options to order online plus providing  a reference site where we work on extending our options.

We are now looking for people who can help to bring on board restaurants & takeaways across the Country. So if you live in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Rotorua, Christchurch, Dunedin or any town in NZ for that matter and have experience in selling, have a keen interest in the online world and can relate to business by showing business owners how we can grow their business, we would like to hear from you.

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Looking for Chinese Or Indian Takeaways?

Here is a quick reference link for many online takeaway menus to help you on your way to ordering food online.

So many food options are available, try using the free form Search box above for“chinese” takeaways, “pizza “delivery, “Thai” Takeaways & more to help put your hunger at rest!

Narrow further by adding your cuisine choice and suburb. Indian Food, Chinese, Pizza we have it.

Online Takeaway Food & Online Menus

Whether you are in Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, Taupo, Christchurch  or Dunedin, simply search for a cuisine that takes your fancy, add a suburb to fine tune your search or simply search under the suburb / town of where you currently are. No need to guess what postcode you are in.

A range of online menus are available enabling you to take your time to find a dish that tickles your fancy. Food delivery is not far away, simply start to order your meal and pay online either using your credit card, debit card and shortly online banking service too. We accept cash too for many restaurants and takeaways.

Online Menu – Choose from a range of cuisines

Its just so easy to order takeaway food delivery, you have found NZ’s homegrown food online ordering service.

Whether you are at work, home , at your motel, or at your mates house,  you can search from a range of local food delivery restaurants and order online.

Why not order food in advance and have it home delivered to coincide with your arrival from work or play. Check out for the Steal A Meal deals such as awesome combo specials, coupons, discounts and loyalty schemes too.

Mint – Indian & Malaysian Restaurant – Wellington

Fantastic news for what is a very popular Indian & Malaysian restaurant based on Allen Street in Wellington. You can order your meal online and have it home delivered or to your workplace at fantastic delivery rates.

In addition, they are welcoming new customers with a 15% first time order discount/ coupon  and also provide an online loyalty scheme providing a free meal after you have ordered 7 times!

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Order Your Dinner From Thai Chef In Wellington

Based on the corner of Wakefield and Blair Street, Thai Chef’s Restaurant offers guests a modern dining experience of classic Royal Thai Cuisine.

Establishing themselves as a destination for visiting dignitaries from Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Korea and other nations they have built a solid reputation among diners for quality, freshness and authenticity.

You can now order online via Dine In and experience a mouth watering experience either at home or at your work place.


Creamy coconut soup with lemon juice, cabbages, mushrooms, tomatoes, lemon grass, kaffir leaves 

TOM KHA Chicken $16.50 / $8.50
TOM KHA Only Vegetables $13.50 / $7.50
3 ALCOHOLICS Beef, Chicken or Pork $14.50

Holy basil. Chilli paste, garlic, green beans, bamboo shoots, capsicum with your choice of meat

HOLY BASIL Beef, Chicken or Pork$14.50
HOLY BASIL Squid $16.50
HOLY BASIL Scallops $19.50
HOLY BASIL Tiger Prawns $19.50