We are really excited to have launched New Zealand’s home grown, single point of reference food website. Our goal is to make it simple to order online from all takeaways, restaurants, bars, cafes, catering and function services in your area.

The idea of Dine In came after hunting around for flyers and going through the yellow pages so that I could order in as I was simply too tired to cook and my wife insisted it was my turn. I couldn’t find the flyer of the takeaway I wanted and I couldn’t find the number either let alone read the menu. I was thinking there had to be an easier way. I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be great to have a single website that would help promote the food industry which, in return, would provide information to hungry customers?’

Dine In was born.

A team was formed and they first went out to the restaurants to ask ‘what do you guys need from us.’ Then potential customers were quizzed. The unique Dine In software is built entirely on these needs and suggestions.

Dine In wants food to be at your fingertips.

Dine In aims to provide all of the information that is important to you when you start your search for food.

Dine In welcomes all feedback.

We want to provide an exceptional service that meets your needs by building on this feedback. We will also reward for new ideas taken up so go ahead and play a part by emailing feedback@dinein.co.nz

Are you able to help in listing operators in your area? Please get in contact with us by emailing feedback@dinein.co.nz

Thank you for visiting Dine In and look out for our ongoing improvements.


“Always an exceptional service from Dinein. 10/10 for customer service and ease of use.

Thank you “Sep 2020

“Dine In are very professional and have a great application and website which is providing us with new customers each day. I’d certainly recommend them. Thanks!.” – Martina at Pizza King

“Dine In have really engaged with us and as a result have done a great job developing our website and also helping with our online strategy for other revenue streams. We certainly see ourselves using Dine In to spur our growth and highly recommend their services.” – Hisham at Mixed Business

“For me and Rempah it is the people who are behind the scenes for Dine In that made a difference…The team at Dine In is very proactive and always looking to improve” – Caroline at Rempah

“Dine In had helped increase our customer reach and have also re-developed our website which looks great. Not only that but our average order value is very good through Dine In’s online ordering system.” – Monty at Tulsi