Anything Goes : Pizza In New Zealand

The history of Pizza is complex, and dates back to ancient Greece where the Greeks covered bread with oils, oregano, and sheep milk cheese. Pizza spread all over the world and influenced various flatbread applications throughout the old world before finding a home in Italy. It is rumored that King Ferdinand of Sicily would disguise himself at night as a peasant and would visit the poor communities of Naples looking for pizza because it had been banned by the queen of the royal court. Here at Dine In there would be a revolt if pizza were banned in the office.

We work late into the night and we inevitably order a few pizzas to keep us going and fill our bellies. After all, pizza is the perfect food because not only does it taste great but you can easily hold it in one hand while typing with the other. I wanted to find out a bit of history of pizza in New Zealand, because with all the great takeaway and delivery pizza places here, the pizza industry seems to be booming.

According to recent statistics, the pizza industry in New Zealand grew by 3% in 2008 with 296 outlets throughout the country. There have been some key moments in New Zealand’s Pizza industry since the official inception of the first retail Pizza location in the country. In 1974, Pizza Hut opened its doors to the public and officially became the first pizza restaurant in the country. More than 20 years later Pizza hut became a publicly listed company on the NZ stock exchange.

Consequently more pizza chain restaurants like Domino’s pizza entered the fray. Small mom and pop pizzerias and gourmet pizzerias started popping up all over the country and it spread like wildfire. The fact that pizza is delicious, convenient, cheap, and many times available late into the wee hours of the night, have made it a popular food in New Zealand as well as the rest of the world.

Pizza is the consummate takeaway food and New Zealand is quite unique when it comes to pizza because there are no rules and limitations. In New York City and Italy, the two most famous pizza locations in the world, the pizza is great but only certain toppings are allowed. This purist attitude does not apply to Pizza in New Zealand where one finds various interesting and eclectic toppings for pizza. Here in New Zealand not only can you find traditional pepperoni or meat lover’s pizza, but you can also find oyster pizza as well as pumpkin pizza. The beauty of it all is that it works seamlessly, and the more Kiwi’s push the bounds of what a pizza is “suppose” to be, the more unique and creative our pizza has become.

Here at the office we order our pizza from a few places and one of them is Pizza King in Wellington Central. They have over 26 different pizzas to order from or make your own. Here at the office we have tried almost all of them and they are all unique and incredibly tasty. Great pizza starts with the dough and sauce and these are spot on at pizza king. For those of you who love classic flavor profiles try their ham and pineapple. The high quality ham and the perfect ratio of ham to pineapple, makes for a perfect bite every time. For more adventurous types, try the oceans delight pizza which includes a heap of fresh shellfish and a lemon pepper tinged seafood sauce. Trust me putting shellfish on the pizza is delicious because pizza king knows exactly what they are doing.

Pizza is one of my favorite foods and whether I was pulling an all-nighter for a research paper back in my university days or I need to meet a deadline at the Dine In office, I need my pizza! It is no accident that pizza has spread to all parts of the world like wildfire. It might just be the perfect food.


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