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5 Things every Takeaway Must do

  1. Customers – Take that extra moment to show genuine interest in your customers, they will reward you by returning & letting others know how good you are. Make everyone a brand ambassador.
  2. Menu’s – How long ago did you update your menu? Is it too long? Do you make it easy for decisions to be made, i.e. Options for families with 2 adults, 2 kids or 3 kids, couples etc. Making decisions easier can also lead to greater spends.
  3. Provide content for providers such as Dine-In, make sure it’s unique and they will add to their newsletters that are distributed to thousands of people. It could talk about a new dish, promotion, outline a recent event with photos. This provides customers with ideas and a thought of “yes I must try that dish” or restaurant.
  4. Update your website – Add new content by adding a blog. No good at creating a blog? ask your family or friends to help. You can review and update and simply post. This helps keep your website fresh and works wonders with people searching google with your website coming up on the front page. Need help with your website, contact us at
  5. Online Ordering on your google my business, website, and Facebook. We provide your very own branded online ordering experience. If you don’t have this today you really need to get in touch now via 

One last tip is to ensure you update your details on Dine In as we promote your business in a variety of ways through websites, social media and via other means.