Brad Pitt Loves To Eat The Same Food You And I Do

No matter what your creed, color, or bank account size, good food is good food. One thing that the wealthy and powerful do not have is a monopoly on good taste. In fact, the often maligned peasant cuts of meat such as sweetbreads, tongue, and brain have surged into the limelight of fancy dining circles in recent years, and the trend back towards rustic comfort foods fueled by immigrants and blue collar mom and pop style cooking is no accident. Many in New Zealand, as well as the rest of the world, love and adore the Hollywood icons of their favorite films. Here at Dine In we all have a favorite movie as well as actor/actress, and I personally own hundreds of DVD’s and constantly add to my collection. Just because Hollywood’s elite can choose to eat wherever they please, and money is no object to them, they often gravitate to the same foods that ‘regular’ people like you and I eat.

In July 2010 Brad Pitt was seen eating at Tulsi Indian restaurant in the heart of Miramar. Pitt, one of the largest and most iconic movie stars in the world, is best known for numerous films including Snatch, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and most recently, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. His well publicized marriage to fellow star Angelina Jolie has thrust the two into the public spotlight in recent years.

It has been rumored that Pitt was in Wellington to talk about a potential role, with famed New Zealand Director Peter Jackson, who is best known to audiences around the world for directing the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. WETA Workshop, a special effects company based out of Miramar is responsible for all of the props, costumes, and special effects for Jackson’s films. Wellington’s film industry, spearheaded by Jackson, grew 70% in 2009 to 429 million in total revenue according to the Wellington Employer’s Chamber of Commerce. There is no doubt that Wellington has emerged as a big player on the international film landscape with a tremendous upside and plenty of international interest.

Rumor has it that Pitt dined on Butter Chicken and Naan at approximately 6:30 pm at Tulsi restaurant. Some believed Jackson was present at Tulsi that evening. According to restaurant manager Mukesh Bartwal, Peter Jackson was not at the table with Pitt that night because Bartwal claims that he knows exactly what Jackson looks like, and would have spotted him easily.


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