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How to Promote Your Restaurant

Promoting your restaurant and takeaway in today’s market does not need to be hard. Finally there are options for you to promote your restaurant without any investment and the need to shell out hard earned cash.

You can take advantage of a free online account that actively promotes your restaurant. By creating an account on Dine In you are able to add and customise your menu, add photo’s, news, specials and heaps more.

Get in touch with Dine In by emailing or call our Auckland / Wellington telephone number or…simply set up your own account by clicking on ” Business Owners Join Now For Free”

We are here to help you within your business and can get your business growing quickly. Get in contact to learn how.

Order Your Food Online From Restaurants In Auckland

I always find it fun meeting with the owners of the Restaurants and Takeaways and it leaves me feeling fired up in wanting to help promote their business as it is these people who provide the diversity and great range of food that is available in New Zealand.

The support we have received too has enabled us to grow Dine In and we are excited to see new outlets coming on board in Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin and in other towns across New Zealand.

If you are hungry and living in Auckland, check out the following restaurants:

Dee Jai Thai – a fantastic Thai food experience and well worth the ordering experience. Its Pickup only but boy it is worth it. If you order in advance and pickup on your way home you’ll see just how easy it is and be rewarded with a real treat.

India Gate – Epsom – An excellent restaurant and takeaway that has a fantastic function room too. Pricing is very competitive without compromising on the quality of their meal, try ordering online and make India Gate your regular.

Ghazal – Glen Eden – offers an authentic and delicious wide variety of Indian cuisine. A Kiwi favourite.

Cease Fire is an Indian restaurant located in the CBD. We have a range of delicious dishes including chicken, Lamb, beef, vegetarian and seafood. Come in today to experience an authentic Indian food. Receive a 10% discount when you order first time

Check out for the many more restaurants and takeaways where you can order food online and have it delivered home or to your work. Pizza, Thai, Indian, Malaysian + Enjoy.

Help us grow Dine In by letting us know which outlets you would like to see available for online ordering by emailing

We’d love to reward you once we have set the restaurant up for online ordering as a great thank you as your support is what makes Dine In grow :)

Indian Delights Taupo and Mr India Lower Hutt

I first came across J.P.Nawani or as he told me ”call me Nawani”, in Lower Hutt within his restaurant Mr India Tandoori Restaurant & Takeaway. I was struck by his charismatic nature and his ability to keenly explain how his meals were prepared and cooked to perfection. Read more at our foodies blog here – A Cuisine Lovers Delight

A brand new website has been established in New Zealand allowing fellow bloggers and those with an interest in writing and providing feedback on topics ranging from cuisine and its origins, ingredients, recipes and where in the world you can experience such delights. We will also provide focus on New Zealand’s restaurant and takeaway scene, providing knowledge, insight and interest in what is an exciting market.

To express interest in being able to contribute to this new blog visit

You may be a seasoned pro or just starting out in voicing your opinion on what must be one of the most universally exciting topics of all…..yes that is food or more elaborately put “Cuisine”.

Help shape the direction of

Food outlets available to order online during Christmas & New Year

Food takeaways / restaurants open during Christmas and New YearIt can be somehow difficult to find restaurants and takeaways that are open during Christmas and New Year period as many businesses are closed. So in this article, we’ll give you a handy list of Dine In restaurants and takeaways that will be available for online food ordering during this holiday period (Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Christchurch and Hamilton).

We have grouped the list by cities, restaurant / takeaway, and dates. We hope this list will be useful to you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Continue reading Food outlets available to order online during Christmas & New Year

Order Your Lunch or Dinner Online Today

  • Order in advance and pick up on your way home or have it delivered to your door/hotel after an evening out.
  • Joining Dine In is as simple as adding a password to your email address and will allow you to save your favourite outlets, view previous orders and to also quickly re-order.
  • Secure, easy and costs the same as the menu within the takeaway/restaurant.

35,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Here at Dine In we love to feast on down home comfort foods at our local neighborhood eatery as much as anyone else. Sometimes the occasion or mood calls for something different, something unique, and something your grandparents never would have imagined. We find ourselves reaching for the stars making variety and convenience the primary focus for our clients. When we find an eatery reaching for the stars, going to the farthest reaches of the universe in order to bring an amazing experience to the diner, it’s hard not to be impressed. Sometimes it is difficult to fathom all the hard work, tenacity, and creative vision which is needed to create a completely unique and satisfying dining experience. As the old saying goes “No risk, No reward.” Continue reading 35,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Tandoori Magic

Tandoori cooking involves marinated meat of any kind, hinged on a skewer, and placed over intense heat in a vertical tandoor oven. The tandoor oven originated in the settlements of the Indus Valley civilization, and is the basis for traditional tandoori open fire cooking. Although the tandoor oven is commonly used in the cuisines of Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan; most people associate it with the delicious and savory kabobs served in Indian cuisine. Here at Dine In we love spicy food and tend to gravitate towards Indian cooking when we need that extra kick. Continue reading Tandoori Magic


Many think the noodle originated in Italy and the Mediterranean region, but actually the noodle is of Asian ancestry. In 2005, a 4,000 year old bowl containing fossilized noodles was found in Shandong, China making it the earliest known instance of noodles in history. Noodles have been a staple food in all of Asia, Italy, and parts of the Middle East for ages. The endless preparations and variations have yielded some amazing dishes from Japanese ramen to Italian Spaghetti. What we find here at Dine In, is that regardless of where we order takeaway from, there always seem to be a noodle component available in most menus regardless of cuisine. Whether we eat Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Italian, American, or Middle Eastern, there is always plenty of noodle based dishes to choose from. Continue reading OODLES of NOODLES

Anything Goes : Pizza In New Zealand

The history of Pizza is complex, and dates back to ancient Greece where the Greeks covered bread with oils, oregano, and sheep milk cheese. Pizza spread all over the world and influenced various flatbread applications throughout the old world before finding a home in Italy. It is rumored that King Ferdinand of Sicily would disguise himself at night as a peasant and would visit the poor communities of Naples looking for pizza because it had been banned by the queen of the royal court. Here at Dine In there would be a revolt if pizza were banned in the office. Continue reading Anything Goes : Pizza In New Zealand