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Kiwi Cuisine: An Inclusive Food Culture

Kiwi cuisine is the heart and soul of New Zealand’s rich food culture. Here at Dine In, we are always excited about introducing Kiwi cuisine to our international business partners when they come for a visit. Although many people outside of New Zealand are aware of menu items that appear on Italian and Chinese menus, they are often puzzled by what Kiwi cuisine is. Inevitably, anyone who tries Kiwi food quickly becomes a convert after sampling the rich array of choices uniquely influenced by British, Mediterranean, and Maori culture. Continue reading Kiwi Cuisine: An Inclusive Food Culture

Baklava: Sweet As Honey

The Ottoman Empire, whose hub was once modern day Turkey, once ruled a territory which spanned southeastern Europe, North Africa, and southwestern Asia from 1299-1923. Amongst various contributions to the world, the Ottomans left a vibrant and rich cuisine as part of their legacy. There is no doubt that Ottoman cuisine not only influenced modern Turkish cuisine, but also Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisine as well. From the food culture of the Ottoman Empire emerged the sweet and texturally complex desert known as baklava. Continue reading Baklava: Sweet As Honey

Brad Pitt Loves To Eat The Same Food You And I Do

No matter what your creed, color, or bank account size, good food is good food. One thing that the wealthy and powerful do not have is a monopoly on good taste. In fact, the often maligned peasant cuts of meat such as sweetbreads, tongue, and brain have surged into the limelight of fancy dining circles in recent years, and the trend back towards rustic comfort foods fueled by immigrants and blue collar mom and pop style cooking is no accident. Many in New Zealand, as well as the rest of the world, love and adore the Hollywood icons of their favorite films. Here at Dine In we all have a favorite movie as well as actor/actress, and I personally own hundreds of DVD’s and constantly add to my collection. Just because Hollywood’s elite can choose to eat wherever they please, and money is no object to them, they often gravitate to the same foods that ‘regular’ people like you and I eat. Continue reading Brad Pitt Loves To Eat The Same Food You And I Do

Fish ‘n Chips: A Rite Of Passage To Some

Fish and chips have been the consummate working class comfort food in Great Britain since the second half of the 19th century. Jewish businessman Joseph Malin opened up the first fish and chip shop in London, in 1860. Supposedly, Malin developed it as a hybrid between British chips and “Jewish style” fried fish. This food phenomenon spread through other parts of Europe, as well as New Zealand. It is no accident that fish and chips are one of the most popular takeaway items in New Zealand’s robust restaurant culture. At Dine in, we get many requests for cafés and restaurants that serve the best rendition, and as usual, our staff agrees to disagree on the subject. Continue reading Fish ‘n Chips: A Rite Of Passage To Some

Vegetarian Food Is So Delicious!!!

Here at Dine In we value every cuisine equally and try to bring both our vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers as many choices as possible. Vegetarianism has been growing in New Zealand and worldwide. Many people scoff at the idea of being vegetarian because they contend that they need some meat in their diet for both taste and protein. Some would be surprised that vegetarian cuisine could actually taste good, barring French fries and pasta. Continue reading Vegetarian Food Is So Delicious!!!

New Zealanders Love Their Steak

New Zealanders love their beef. According to a study conducted by the Global Agricultural Information Network in 2010, New Zealanders consumed 120,000 tons of Beef in both 2009 and 2010. Not only does the country consume plenty of beef, it exported 364,000 tons of the product in the same year. The fertile pastures of the country have allowed for an incremental increase in herd numbers and higher quality product than in most parts of the world. Here at Dine In we love to bring you info on all the best steakhouses in kiwi land. Continue reading New Zealanders Love Their Steak

5 Reasons to Order Takeaway

At least a few times a week, I order food to the house. I realize that I take delivery for granted. There are plenty of places in the world where eaters do not have the convenience of ordering takeout. Here are my top 5 reasons why I order food online so often.

1. Convenience – This is the first thought that popped into my head when I tried to analyze why I frequently order in. I work hard, and although I consider myself a really good amateur cook, I simply do not have the energy to prepare a meal for my wife and two children. Granted, my wife tries to cook but she just does not cook well (don’t tell her I told you that). Continue reading 5 Reasons to Order Takeaway

Holy Guacamole…

To some guacamole is ‘Holy’, and a way of life, engrained into the food DNA of a culture. Guacamole is a Mexican dish which appears throughout South America and the rest of the world in various forms. I consider myself a guacamole purist and hate when people try to overcomplicate guacamole which ends up masking the subtle meaty flavor and essence of the avocado. I judge a Mexican restaurant first and foremost, by the quality of their guacamole, the same way I judge an Italian eatery by its sauce and an Indian place by its tandoori. Anytime I find mayonnaise, sour cream, or carrots in a guacamole, I realize that I am not eating authentic guacamole and it’s usually a good indicator of whether I will return to that restaurant again or not. Continue reading Holy Guacamole…

Me Love Me A Mango Lassi

I love to find healthy, great tasting alternatives, to foods which are high in fat and sugar. For me, if it does not taste great then I can’t view it as a sensible alternative. I love dairy products but realize not all are created equal. The most supreme nutritional form of dairy product is yogurt. The pro-biotic qualities of yogurt coupled with lower fat content make it a great alternative to sour cream or crème fraiche. Continue reading Me Love Me A Mango Lassi

The Truth Behind American Cuisine

Internationally, American cuisine has long had a treacherous reputation among critics and foodies alike. Most people in the world think of American food as just hamburgers and hot dogs. American fast food is notoriously laden with limitless amounts of hydrogenated fat, refined flour, and sugar. Usually served in huge portions, the worst of American cuisine is available all over the world, and contributes to America’s dubious distinction as the fattest country on earth. Many around the world, including those living within the borders of the USA, are not aware of some of the hidden gems of American cuisine. Continue reading The Truth Behind American Cuisine