Delivery Policy

Dine In does not operate a delivery service and only provides information covering the following:

  1. Whether the operator (takeaway, restaurant, caterer etc) has a delivery service
  2. What the charge is for delivery and if there are any special offers such as free delivery if you spend a certain amount of dollars.
  3. What the average delivery waiting time is.

Should you have any query as to your rights concerning the delivery service Dine In recommends contacting the operator for which you have or are about to make an order for.

Dine In is keen to find out if you are satisfied with the manner in which the operator has provided the delivery service and request that you provide Dine In feedback at Dine In intends to work with the operators to help in enhancing the service that you receive. We can only do this if we receive your feedback as the Dine In Service essentially acts on the customers behalf on the knowledge gained through using a given outlet.

For example, if you are unhappy with the delivery, i.e the food is too cold or does not represent what you had ordered, we recommend contacting the food outlet directly. Dine In provides the telephone number on the email that is sent to you to confirm your order.