Grow Your Business – Part 1 – Delivery Service

“Food On Wheels”( has been established to help you grow your restaurant business.

Here are some of the factors that FOW look after so that you don’t have to.

  • Invest the time & money in driver recruitment & training.
  • Buy the drivers uniforms & insulation bags.
  • FOW have developed a highly effective despatch application & process that allows the driver to receive orders, confirm their acceptance and be available to pick up from your restaurant ready to deliver to the customer.
  • Regardless of the volume of orders, FOW carry the risk of paying drivers & having backup drivers available.
  • FOW provide a customer service, monitoring orders & interacting with customers & restaurant staff to ensure a smooth service.

In all, by enabling Food On Wheels to provide a delivery service for your business, you can concentrate on running your core business all without the expense and risk of managing a delivery service.

When you look at your cost of doing business with Food On Wheels you will wonder how exactly can we do this, however by supporting each other we will both prosper.

To learn how, contact us by emailing us at to learn more about growing your restaurant & takeaway business pronto!


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