Order Your Dinner From Thai Chef In Wellington

Based on the corner of Wakefield and Blair Street, Thai Chef’s Restaurant offers guests a modern dining experience of classic Royal Thai Cuisine.

Establishing themselves as a destination for visiting dignitaries from Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Korea and other nations they have built a solid reputation among diners for quality, freshness and authenticity.

You can now order online via Dine In and experience a mouth watering experience either at home or at your work place.


Creamy coconut soup with lemon juice, cabbages, mushrooms, tomatoes, lemon grass, kaffir leaves 

TOM KHA Chicken $16.50 / $8.50
TOM KHA Only Vegetables $13.50 / $7.50
3 ALCOHOLICS Beef, Chicken or Pork $14.50

Holy basil. Chilli paste, garlic, green beans, bamboo shoots, capsicum with your choice of meat

HOLY BASIL Beef, Chicken or Pork$14.50
HOLY BASIL Squid $16.50
HOLY BASIL Scallops $19.50
HOLY BASIL Tiger Prawns $19.50 

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