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The Truth Behind American Cuisine

Internationally, American cuisine has long had a treacherous reputation among critics and foodies alike. Most people in the world think of American food as just hamburgers and hot dogs. American fast food is notoriously laden with limitless amounts of hydrogenated fat, refined flour, and sugar. Usually served in huge portions, the worst of American cuisine is available all over the world, and contributes to America’s dubious distinction as the fattest country on earth. Many around the world, including those living within the borders of the USA, are not aware of some of the hidden gems of American cuisine. Continue reading The Truth Behind American Cuisine

Wood-Fired Ovens Produce the Tastiest Pizza

There are few things I love more than pizza. I have travelled the world tasting pizza in Chicago, Rome, and other cities and countries, and I have found a common denominator amongst all great pizzas.

In my experience, the optimal way to cook pizza is inside a wood-fired oven. Many people think about the dough or the ratio of tomato sauce to cheese when talking about pizza, but few understand the importance of the cooking vessel itself in delivering the best quality pizza possible. The wonderful rustic taste and perfect even char on both the crust and the cheese is characteristic of baking pizza in a wood-fired oven. Continue reading Wood-Fired Ovens Produce the Tastiest Pizza

Online Food Ordering – The Way of the Future

Online ordering is a great way to save time and money while enjoying the finest foods in your city, and beyond. When ordering online, the great variety of eateries and supermarkets at your disposal is liberating, and accessed from the comfort and warmth of home. It’s wonderful to go out on the town and partake in a delicious meal at an amazing restaurant, but many people just don’t have the time, or may not be in the mood, to drive to their favorite chow spot.

Traditionally, if you wanted to order take-out you would probably scrounge around for 15 minutes looking for an old dusty menu before placing an order. With online food ordering, not only can you order from your favorite restaurant, you can also make a reservation, check a menu, read feedback from others, give feedback, find outlets in your area that provide the same service at a higher quality and lower cost, and much more. Continue reading Online Food Ordering – The Way of the Future